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28 Desember 2009

My Problem..

I have a probleM about boy.
This time, I kept feeling for him.
I like him. Long ago, I was always expecting him. But, I never knew he was feeling.

I think, he's always been good to me, and all my best friend think that he also liked me.
One time, there was my friend talking to me, that he (my dear persont) also have the same feeling with me. But, he was embarrassed to tell me.

Now, I'm confused, what should I do to get him ti tell his feelings to me, Or do I have to express my feelings to him first so he could tell his true feelings to me.

But, one day there was persont said to me that was a persont who like me, but I don't like him because he is a protactive persont..................

So, now I'm very confused..